2020 Teaching Schedule

Israel | February 8th – 29th Saturday, Feb. 8th , 10am – 3pm | How to Manage Emotions – the Tibetan Buddhist View | Osho TLV, 1 Carlebach St, 9th floor, Tel Aviv Sunday, Feb.9th,  8:30pm-10:30pm | The Heart Sutra – Part I | Unicorn Club, The Third Encounter, Pardes Hanna Monday, Feb.10th ,  8:30pm-10:30pm […]

2019 Teaching Schedule

Israel | January 19th – Feb 9th Saturday, Jan. 19th, 10am – 3pm | “How to Practice the Prajna Paramita” | Meditation Factory, 27 Maskit St, 2nd floor, Herzliya Pituach Wednesday, Jan.23rd, 7:30-9:30pm | “Transforming our Lives in the Footsteps of Milarepa” | Book launch event for the newly published Hebrew translation of “Life of […]

2018 Teaching Schedule

Israel | January 31st – February 18th Wednesday, Jan. 31st | 8 – 10 pm | “Compassion in the Recovery Process – the Buddhist View” | The Dojo at Broshim Campus, Tel Aviv University   Thursday, Feb. 1st,8 – 10:15 pm | “Introduction to Buddhist Tantra” | Studio Kanta, 14 Carlebach St., 2nd floor, Tel […]

2017 Teaching Schedule

Israel | February 10th – 28th Feb. 11th | “The Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind according to the Preliminary Practices (Ngondro)” | Meditation Factory | Hertzliya Pitu’achFeb. 12th | “The Five Elements and Five Emotions According to Tibetan Buddhism” | The Dojo at Broshim Campus | Tel Aviv University Feb. 13th | “The Union of […]

Teaching Topics

A list of teachings Rinpoche gave over the years, sorted by topics.

2016 Teaching Schedule

Israel | January 26th – February 16th Jan. 27th | “Training the Mind to Deal with any Situation” |Studio Kanta| Tel Aviv Jan. 28th | “What is Ultimate Healing? The Tibetan Buddhist View” | Broshim Campus |  Tel Aviv University Jan. 29th “Prayers for Peace” Private house |  Tel Aviv Jan. 30th “Applying Meditation and […]

2015 Teaching Schedule

Feb. 3rd – 24th, 2015 | Israel Feb. 3rd | “Traditional Values in Changing Times” | Kibbutz Club at the Ben-Guryon Center, Sdeh Boker Feb. 4th  |  “The Journey to Inner Peace Passes through Hardships”   |   “Southern Breeze” clinic, Be’er Sheva  Feb. 5th  |   “In Search for the Meaning of Life” | Kanta Yoga Studio, Tel […]

2014 Teaching Schedule

Israel | Feb. 4th – 24th, 2014 Tuesday, Feb. 4th  |  “Healing with the Mind’s Power” | evening talk, Broshim Medical College, Tel-Aviv  Wednesday, Feb. 5th  |  “Dream Yoga”   |   evening talk, Kanta Yoga Studio, Tel Aviv Thursday, Feb. 6th, 8-10pm  |   “Passing from Life to Life: the Death Process in Tibetan Buddhism” | Kanta Yoga Studio, Tel Aviv Friday, Feb. […]

2013 Teaching Schedule

January-February: Israel During the winter months of January and February, Rinpoche gave extensive teachings in various places around Israel.  The visit began with a taste of Buddhist philosophy with a teaching on the Four Schools in a Kibbutz in the far north of the country, followed by a day of teaching on the four causes […]

2012 Teaching Schedule

Germany | February 3rd – 12th, 2012 3/2 -5/2        “Vajrasattva Meditation” at the Devah Yoga Zentrum in Hamburg 8/2 – 12/2    “Emptiness According to the Four Philosophical Schools“ (part two)                     And “The Practice of Sutra and Tantra in Union” at the Bodhicharya Center, Berlin                    “The Seven Line Prayer“, Siddhartas Intent, Berlin Poland | February […]