2023 Teaching Schedule

Israel | February 1 – 28 Wednesday, Feb 1, 19:00-21:00 | “The Study of Consciousness According to Tibetan Buddhism” | Tel Aviv University, Porter Building. Klausner St 6, Tel Aviv. Thursday, Feb 2, 20:00-22:00 | “The Twelve Links of Dependent Arising”, Integral Dojo, Tel Aviv. Friday, Feb 3, 10:00-15:00 | “Channels, Winds and Drops and the […]

2020 Teaching Schedule

Israel | February 8th – 29th Saturday, Feb. 8th , 10am – 3pm | How to Manage Emotions – the Tibetan Buddhist View | Osho TLV, 1 Carlebach St, 9th floor, Tel Aviv Sunday, Feb.9th,  8:30pm-10:30pm | The Heart Sutra – Part I | Unicorn Club, The Third Encounter, Pardes Hanna Monday, Feb.10th ,  8:30pm-10:30pm […]

2019 Teaching Schedule

Israel | January 19th – Feb 9th Saturday, Jan. 19th, 10am – 3pm | “How to Practice the Prajna Paramita” | Meditation Factory, 27 Maskit St, 2nd floor, Herzliya Pituach Wednesday, Jan.23rd, 7:30-9:30pm | “Transforming our Lives in the Footsteps of Milarepa” | Book launch event for the newly published Hebrew translation of “Life of […]

2018 Teaching Schedule

Israel | January 31st – February 18th Wednesday, Jan. 31st | 8 – 10 pm | “Compassion in the Recovery Process – the Buddhist View” | The Dojo at Broshim Campus, Tel Aviv University   Thursday, Feb. 1st,8 – 10:15 pm | “Introduction to Buddhist Tantra” | Studio Kanta, 14 Carlebach St., 2nd floor, Tel […]

2017 Teaching Schedule

Israel | February 10th – 28th Feb. 11th | “The Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind according to the Preliminary Practices (Ngondro)” | Meditation Factory | Hertzliya Pitu’achFeb. 12th | “The Five Elements and Five Emotions According to Tibetan Buddhism” | The Dojo at Broshim Campus | Tel Aviv University Feb. 13th | “The Union of […]

Teaching Topics

A list of teachings Rinpoche gave over the years, sorted by topics.

2016 Teaching Schedule

Israel | January 26th – February 16th Jan. 27th | “Training the Mind to Deal with any Situation” |Studio Kanta| Tel Aviv Jan. 28th | “What is Ultimate Healing? The Tibetan Buddhist View” | Broshim Campus |  Tel Aviv University Jan. 29th “Prayers for Peace” Private house |  Tel Aviv Jan. 30th “Applying Meditation and […]

2015 Teaching Schedule

Feb. 3rd – 24th, 2015 | Israel Feb. 3rd | “Traditional Values in Changing Times” | Kibbutz Club at the Ben-Guryon Center, Sdeh Boker Feb. 4th  |  “The Journey to Inner Peace Passes through Hardships”   |   “Southern Breeze” clinic, Be’er Sheva  Feb. 5th  |   “In Search for the Meaning of Life” | Kanta Yoga Studio, Tel […]

2014 Teaching Schedule

Israel | Feb. 4th – 24th, 2014 Tuesday, Feb. 4th  |  “Healing with the Mind’s Power” | evening talk, Broshim Medical College, Tel-Aviv  Wednesday, Feb. 5th  |  “Dream Yoga”   |   evening talk, Kanta Yoga Studio, Tel Aviv Thursday, Feb. 6th, 8-10pm  |   “Passing from Life to Life: the Death Process in Tibetan Buddhism” | Kanta Yoga Studio, Tel Aviv Friday, Feb. […]

2013 Teaching Schedule

January-February: Israel During the winter months of January and February, Rinpoche gave extensive teachings in various places around Israel.  The visit began with a taste of Buddhist philosophy with a teaching on the Four Schools in a Kibbutz in the far north of the country, followed by a day of teaching on the four causes […]