2012 Teaching Schedule

Posted: 2022-01-28 15:59:09

Germany | February 3rd – 12th, 2012

3/2 -5/2        “Vajrasattva Meditation” at the Devah Yoga Zentrum in Hamburg

8/2 – 12/2    “Emptiness According to the Four Philosophical Schools“ (part two)

                    And “The Practice of Sutra and Tantra in Union” at the Bodhicharya Center, Berlin

                   “The Seven Line Prayer“, Siddhartas Intent, Berlin

Poland | February 13th – 20th, 2012

14/2            “Same Hearts, Different Heads” – an open lecture in Lublinie

15-16/2      Vajrasattva initiation and teachings on the Heart Essence (Longchen Nyingthik) at the Karma Kamntzang Center, Rzeszów

(As always, Rinpoche requests students who wish to receive an empowerment from him to keep three heart commitments:  taking refuge in the 3 Jewels, abstaining from killing any living being, and to complete 100,000 recitations of the Vajrasattva mantra during one’s life)

17/2           “Love and Compassion: the Root of Peace and Happiness”, open lecture at ul. Raszyńska 22, Warsaw
18/2           Shitro empowerment and teachings at ul. Raszyńska 22, Warsaw

19/2           Chöd teachings at ul. Raszyńska 22, Warsaw

France | February 21st- 23rd, 2012

21-22/2      “Inner Peace through the Meditation on the Four Seals” – a two day teaching at the Relais International de la Jeunesse in Nice.

Greece | March 6th- 12th , 2012

6-7/3      Dream Yoga and Tara teachings at Karma Gyaltsen Ling in Thessaloniki

9-11/3   “The View, Meditation, Conduct and Result of Buddhist Practice” at the Shambhala Athens practice center.

Israel | March 13th -April 2nd , 2012

14/3   “The Death Process from the Buddhist Point of View”, Lili’n’Blum Center, Tel Aviv

15/3   “Dream Yoga”, Lili’n’Blum Center, Tel Aviv

16-17/3    “’Words of My Perfect Teacher’-the Essence”, Lili’n’Blum Center, Tel Aviv – a two day teaching in which Rinpoche outlined the parallels between the Inner and Outer Ngondro and gave concise instructions on how to put them into practice in retreat, following the tradition of the Longchen Nyingthik.

18/3  “Padmasambhava’s Seven Line Prayer / “Calling the Guru from Afar”, at a private home in Haifa

19/3  “The Five Vehicles of the Spiritual Path”, BaDerech Center, Kibbutz Evron

21-24/3     Phowa Retreat, beginning with Vajrasattva empowerment and refuge ceremony – at Kibbutz En Dor. This was the third Phowa retreat imparted by Rinpoche in Israel since his first visit in 2006.

26/3     “The Buddhist View on Suffering and Release from Suffering”, Enav Club, Kibbutz Afikim

27/3     “Loving-Kindness Meditation”, private home in Yokne’am Illlit

28/3     “Tong-Len: the Healing Power of Compassion” at Dao College, Kibbutz Ramat Yochanan

29/3      “Mandala, Karma and Reincarnation in Tibetan Buddhism”, private home in Ramat Gan

30/3      “The Heart Sutra” at the (FPMT) Shantideva Center, Ramat Gan

31/3      “Tong-Len and Calm Abiding Meditation” – a full day of teaching at the Mountain Dojo Aikido Center, Mavoh Beitar

United States – June 1st to August 31st, 2012

June 1st -7th – San Francisco Bay Area, California:

“Phowa” – San Rafael, California

“The Union of Generation and Completion Stages in Tantra”, San Rafael, California

“View, Meditation, Conduct and Result of Buddhist Practice”, Berkeley, California
“How Can We Join and Continue Our Dharma Practice from This Life In Our Next Life?”, Berkeley, California

June 8th -14th – Spokane, Washington:

“Dream Yoga”
“Practice of the Path of Three Beings”
“Emptiness According to the Four Great Classes of Buddhist Philosophy”
“Compassion and Loving Kindness are the Roots of Peace and Happiness”

All these talks were given at the Tsinta Mani Choling Buddhist Center, Spokane, Washington

June 24th -August 19th – Colorado:

From June 24th to August 5th, Rinpoche gave a series of Sunday morning talks at a private home in Boulder, Colorado as follows:
24/6    “Recognize the Essence of Your Human Life”

1/7      “The Path of the Three Beings”

8/7      “Generating Bodhicitta Mind with the Four Immeasurables”

15/7    “Meditation on the Selflessness of the Individual”

22/7    “Meditation on the Selflessness of Phenomena”

29/7     “Practice of Tantra: Secret Vajrayana”

5/8       “The Three Excellences”

18/8    “The Four Seals” at Old Colorado Public Library, Colorado Springs

19/8    “12 Links of Interdependent Origination”, same location, Colorado Springs

South Africa – September 11th-30th

Pretoria and Johannesburg area – September 11th–17th

11/9     “Perfect Education Cannot be Separated from Wisdom and Compassion”. This teaching was hosted by the Faculty of Theology of the University of Pretoria and was reserved to UP students.

12/9    “The Relations between Mind, Energy and Body”. Morning teaching at the Yoga Connection, Centurion, Bronberrick.

On that day Rinpoche further gave an evening teaching with the subject of “View, Meditation, Conduct & Result according to Buddhist Philosophy”  at the “Live, Love, Yoga” center in Pretoria.

13/9    “Applying Meditation and Mindfulness in Everyday Life”, afternoon talk at  Love&Revolution Yoga Studio, Melville, Johannesburg
Same evening: “The Six Paramitas” at Lam Rim Buddhist centre, Vrededorp

14/9       “The Four Kinds of Fruits of Karma”,  Lam Rim Buddhist Centre, Vrededorp

15-17/9   Nyungne Retreat – a 3 day semi-fasting retreat focusing on the practice of Chenrezig, embodiment of compassion. Location: Sediba Retreat Centre , Hartebeespoortdam

Durban: September 17th -20th:

17/9    “The Mind and Its Potential”, evening talk at The Breathing Space, Glenwood

18/9     “Preparing for a Meaningful Death and Rebirth”, evening talk at The Breathing Space, Glenwood

19/9      “Emptiness and Dependent Arising”, with an emphasis on how this understanding helps us to become more compassionate towards ourselves and others – same location

Cape Town: September 21st-30th:

21-24/9    Nyungne retreat at the Hearth and Soul Eco Farm

25/9   “How is Buddhism Relevant Today?”   Evening talk at Hout Bay Buddhist and Yoga Centre

26/9   “The Reality of Phenomena According to the View of Buddhist Philosophy”, Cape Town University

Same day, evening lecture:  “Five Aggregates” at Hout Bay Buddhist and Yoga Centre

27/9 and 28/9 “Bardo Teaching” at Hout Bay Buddhist and Yoga Centre

29/9 and 30/9  “Overview of Ngondro”, two full day teachings at  17 Crassuls Street, Milnerton