Ven. Chamtrul Rinpoche's Schedule Outline for 2020
Israel:  February 7th - 29th

The teaching tour in Europe was planned to take place between March 1st and May 8th
Germany - March 1st - 11th  - schedule was changed to teachings in Berlin only.
 Regretfully, due to the unfolding situation with the Coronavirus, the rest of the European tour had to be cancelled.
India - Spring Term Teachings at Bodhicitta Dharma Centre, Dharamsala
** All morning and afternoon classes, scheduled for May 18 - June 19, have been cancelled.
** Cancelled: United Kingdom visit, originally scheduled for June 25th - July 19th
** Cancelled: Lima, Peru, July 20th - 24th
** Cancelled: United States: July 24th - August 26th
** Cancelled: South Africa: August 27th - September 17th
** Cancelled: India - Fall Term Teachings at  Bodhicitta Dharma Centre, Dharamsala
Afternoon classes between September 28th and November 13th
Morning class, October 5th - 31st
Topic: "Resting in Illusion" by Longchenpa.
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Malaysia: November 25th - December 1st