June 25th - July 19th, 2020
Thursday, June 25th  |  7pm - 9pm
How to Deal with Changing Reality
Essex Church, 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, W8 4RT
Friday, June 26th  |  7pm - 8:30pm         
Compassion and Loving-Kindness are the Root of Peace and Happiness
Buddhist Society, 58 Eccleston SQ, SW1VIPH
Saturday, June 27th  |  3-5pm
Generating the Mind of Enlightenment
About Balance, 20-22 Gloucester Place, BN1 4AA
Sunday, June 28th  |  2-6.30pm
Tong-len: the Healing Power of Compassion
Dharma Primary School, 149 Ladies' Mile Rd, BN1 8TB
Monday, June 29th  |  7-9pm
Teaching on Buddha Nature
144 Ringwood Road, Walkford, BH23 5RQ

Tuesday, June 30th  |  7pm- 9pm
Ecology and Compassion - a Buddhist View
Roland Levinsky Lecture Theatre, Roland Levinsky Building Plymouth university PL4 8AA
Wednesday, July 1st  |  7pm- 9pm
Phowa Practice - the Transference of Consciousness
Roland Levinsky Lecture Theatre, Roland Levinsky Building Plymouth university PL4 8AA
Thursday, July 2nd  |  7pm-9pm
Ancient Wisdom in a Modern World
Angel Gallery, South Street, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5DZ
Friday, July 3rd  |  7pm-9pm
Introduction to the Practice of Chod - How to Cut Ego Clinging
Avalon Room, 2-4 High St. BA6 9DU

Saturday, July 4th  |   2pm-6:30pm
Ecology and Compassion: a Buddhist View
Palpung Changchub Dargyeling, 96 King Street, NP23 4SY

Birmingham / Worcester
Sunday, July 5th  |  3pm-5pm
Teachings on the Bardo
Spetchley Gardens, Spetchley, Worcester WR5 1RS
Llandyrnog / North Wales
Tuesday, July 7th  |  7pm-9pm
Applying Meditation and Mindfulness in Everyday Life
Llandyrnog Village Hall, LL16 4HG
Wednesday, July 8th  |  7pm-9pm
How to Live and Die in Peace
Rossington Hall, Great North Road, DN11 0HR
Thursday, July 9th  |  7pm- 9pm
Four-Lined Bodhicitta Prayer
The Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Rd, EH16 5AB
Friday, July 10th  |  7pm- 9pm
The Six Paramitas - the Transcendent Perfections
The Salisbury Centre, 2 Salisbury Rd, EH16 5AB
Saturday, July 11th  |  7pm-9pm
Pure Motivation: the Way to Benefit Self and Others
St Matthew's Church Hall, Cleveland Rd, M8 4QU

Sunday, July 12th  |  3pm-5pm
Emptiness of Self and Emptiness of Phenomenon
Buddhist Centre, 9 St Mary's Place, NG1 1PH

Monday, July 13th  |  7pm-9pm
Buddhism and the Environment
The Coach House Studio, Derbyshire, DE4 4ET

Tuesday, July 14th  |  7pm-9pm
Finding Meaning in Everyday Life
   Meeting house, Northall St, NN16 8DS
Thursday, July 16th starting 7pm to noontime, Sunday, July 19th
 The Union of Vipassana and Shamatha - Teachings with Guided Practice
   1 Woodwell Hill, Desborough, Northamptonshire, NN14 2PE
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