Teachings in Israel
January 19th - Feb 9th, 2019
Saturday, Jan. 19th  | 10am - 3pm
"How to Practice the Prajna Paramita"
Meditation Factory, 27 Maskit St, 2nd floor, Hertzliya Pitu’ach
Wednesday, Jan.23rd  |  7:30-9:30pm
"Transforming our Lives in the Footsteps of Milarepa"
Book launch event for the newly published Hebrew translation of "Life of Milarepa"
The Dojo at Broshim Campus,Tel Aviv University
Thursday, Jan.24th  |  8:30-10:30pm
"How Thoughts Create Reality"
Studio Kanta, 14 Carlebach St., 2nd floor, Tel Aviv
Friday, Jan. 25th  |  10:00-12:00
"Meditation to Open Up the Heart"
A Place for Yoga, 2 HaTzedef St., Hofit
Saturday, Jan. 26th  |  10am - 3pm  (with lunch break)
"Walking the Spiritual Path in the Face of Life's Challenges"
Studio Tilia,24 Saadiah Ga’on St., Tel Aviv
Sunday, Jan. 27th  |  7:30-9:30pm
Question and Answer Session for Ngondro Practitioners
Private home. By registration only.
Monday, Jan. 28th  |  8-10pm
"On Death, Loss and Reincarnation"
Unicorn Club, The Third Encounter, Pardes Hanna
Tuesday, Jan. 29th  |  8-10pm
"How to Be a Real Therapist"
Unicorn Club, The Third Encounter, Pardes Hanna
Thursday, Jan. 31st  |  8:30-10:30pm
"How to Arouse Compassion and How to Apply in Daily Life"
Studio Kanta, 14 Carlebach St., 2nd floor, Tel Aviv
Friday, Feb. 1st  |  10:30am-12:30pm
Teaching on the Three Roots
Private home, Yokne'am Illit
Saturday, Feb. 2nd  |  10am-3pm
"Purifying Body, Speech and Mind with Vajrasattva Practice"
“The Caesarea Pagoda”, Kfar Izun, Sdot Yam
Monday, Feb. 4th  |  7:30-9:30pm
"How to Reduce Anger in Our Lives"
The Ficus Club, Beit Zerah, Jordan River Valley
Wednesday-Saturday, February 6th-9th
Kuntu Zangpo Prayer Retreat
On Wednesday, Rinpoche will bestow the 100 Peaceful and Wrathful Deities empowerment. To receive the empowerment, there are three commitments: to take refuge in the Three Jewels, to avoid killing, and to recite the Vajrasattva 100 syllable mantra 100,000 times in this life.
Participation is by registration only.
For further information contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.